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January 4, 2018

Hi Friend, 

I've been having some technical issues that have slowed me down this week. I think I've successfully tackled 4 out of 5 but I have to wait on an engineer to solve the final issue. Later today is my expectation. I'm posting this thought from my phone so you don't get lonely or wonder what happened to me. It's all good! I have even been able to address issues that were on the back burner like site security for the blog and the issues with links to the Creator's Notebook. 

It's snowing today in Northern Virginia so I turned my comfy chair to face the picture window facing the river and if I didn't have to pee, I would never get up. Snow on evergreens is so pretty. I encourage you to look put the window now and again. Or better yet, put on the appropriate gear for your climate and take a walk outside. We all need to fill up the creative tank now and then. And another thing, while I'm giving unsolicited advice (something I probably do far too often) take a minute or ten out of your day to just breathe and dream a little bit. I lived a really hectic life for years and I am telling you, it's worth it to be present. 

Play music you love, avoid trash TV, hug people (with consent, of course), and breathe. If you are struggling with anything, don't force yourself into a place where you feel like you have to be happy. Just breathe and look for some relief. You don't need to be passionate or ecstatic every minute of the day. Sometimes the best you can do is be angry. Angry can be a step up from despondant. Work your way up from angry to frustrated, from frustrated to annoyed and then to hopeful. If you can get to hopeful... Breathe. Breathe in content, breathe in being present, breathe in and feel the gratitude in breathing. 

I am grateful for you. Thanks for listening and know that the interview with the amazing Vanessa Adams will be worth the wait. She makes me feel glad to be a human. Now... breathe.