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Episode 28 – Prepare for Your Moment with Vanessa Adams-Harris

January 8, 2018

Hi Friend, Welcome to the real Episode 28 of Sally’s Performing Arts Lab Podcast. Today, the featured conversation is about how to prepare for your moment with playwright, storyteller, and visual artist, Vanessa Adams-Harris. I’m your podcast host, Sally Adams. Every week I talk to people about creating original work for a live audience.

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In this Episode you’ll hear my guest, Vanessa Adams-Harris, share about her artistic process. Vanessa is a gifted actor/storyteller and has created or co-created several one-woman works including Who Will Sing for Lena by J. Liddell, Big Mama Speaks - A 1921 Tulsa Race Riot Survivor by Hannibal Johnson, Vanessa's original portrayal of Oklahoma legend Ada Lois Sipuel-Fisher, and her original work about Rosa Parks titled A Simple Act of Courage.

My interview with Vanessa was so inspiring because she is truly committed to her audiences. She encourages artists to “prepare for your moment”. This morning I watched a video of Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globe speech in which she highlighted Rosa Park’s commitment to prepare for the moment. Vanessa’s words carry so much weight because she has taken her message of humanity all over the world. I believe we are witnessing the birth of a cultural renaissance. Artists like Vanessa are at the forefront of this exciting time. Vanessa is prepared and from what I can tell, it’s gonna be beautiful.

 I hope you’ll listen until the end of the interview for Concise Advice from the Interview, and Words of Wisdom from George.

Concise Advice from the Interview is a short version of tips from my guest, Renaissance woman Vanessa Adams-Harris. Here are 5 important bits of advice:

5 When you are in the audience, allow yourself to go along with the storyteller in the moment.

4 Remember that children hear and see us interact with each other as humans.

3 If one form of artistic expression doesn’t work for you, try something else.

2 Be prepared for your moment.

1 Be authentic. 

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